Why Penmark?

What is Penmark?

Penmark is an embeddable CMS for GitHub-backed and Markdown-based content sites. It provides a WYSIWYG editing experience within your own website, enabling on-the-go writing and simplifying the process of managing your content.

Why use Penmark?

Static site generators are great, but they can be tedious to use. Editing Markdown files requires the use of an external editor, and any changes must be manually saved to the repository with Git. So, editing is limited to your computer, making editing on the go is difficult. With Penmark, you can edit whenever inspiration strikes, and with as little friction as possible.

This helps you focus on writing, and not on the tools you use to write.

Why Penmark over other CMS'?

Penmark is designed to be simple. After setting up, you don't have to rely on third party sites to manage your content. You can do all that from your own website. Starting new drafts or editing existing ones is just a click away, ensuring your ideas are captured and easy to refine.

That makes Penmark ideal for managing the content of personal blogs and simple content sites.